Vocational training courses in Central London for adults, beginners, professionals and those looking to update their current skills.

Get connected to the Media Film and Television industry Today.

Located in central London, we have a number of top award winning professionals, including Bafta (British Academy Awards) and GLA (Greater London Arts Awards) as well as nominee directors, writers and technicians, to offer a select number of students the opportunity of training with them.

Students are offered the rare opportunity to be taught by these top professionals in the environment where they actually: write, direct, light, shoot and edit. Student numbers on these courses are strictly limited and therefore likely to oversubscribed so early booking is highly recommended.

The Media Courses mission statement is to "encourage all individuals who have a desire to experience working in the media, film and TV industry." In summary, Media Courses is an institution dedicated "passionately" to help individuals express, create and achieve their freedom in the subjects they would like to pursue.

Movie Acting Bootcamp

Movie Acting Bootcamp
Mon - Fri 5 Days 10.00am - 17.00pm
September 11th - 15th 2017
How to become a movie star, learn how to act for the camera to gain confidence to become a professional screen actor. Release your imagination, free your emotions and control your fear?. Media Courses can help start your career in the movie industry.

Movie Lighting Intensive

Movie Lighting Intensive
Fri - Sat 2 Days 10.00am - 17.00pm
November 10th - 11th 2017
The Film Camera & Lighting Course at Media Courses teaches film camera and lighting principles using a modern digital film camera and film lighting techniques. Get inspired by the magic of film camera and lighting latest techniques.

Acting Masterclass Bootcamp

 Acting Masterclass Bootcamp
Mon - Wed 3 Days 10.00am - 17.00pm
November 6th - 8th 2017
Being an actor for the big screen is a dream and will always be a dream for most of us. If you believe in yourself and would like to know more about acting, helping you realise your acting ambition.

YouTube TV Presenter

YouTube TV Presenter
Thu - Sat 3 Days 10.00am - 17.00pm
September 7th - 9th 2017
Master the art of creating engaging TV Presenter content for your YouTube Channel. Learn about television presentation techniques and filming to wow your audience.
Learning For Success

Learning For Success

Past students appear in front of the camera and behind the scenes working on TV channels, in movies, for production companies, starting their own creative businesses and becoming a freelance professional. 
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Working with the tutors (who themselves work in the field when not tutoring) have created some of the most in-depth courses possible that should reflect the real world for those students whom wish to expand their knowledge and their scope of abilities within the industry.

Operating from a purpose built studios with soundproofing and light control. All tutor articulation and recording can be done in controlled environments.
Class Size

Class Size

We have reduced that number to a maximum of 10 students on some courses, this allows for far more focused training and we can ensure that each student fully understands all aspects of topics covered within the course/s.
Central London Location

Central London Location

1-minute walk from Kings Cross underground station
Boost your learning

Boost your learning

Practical hands-on learning taught by TV & Film professionals
Open to all students

Open to all students

All ages and backgrounds from 18 years of age upwards

Media Courses is the winner of TMT’s ‘Entertainment Awards’ for 2017

With the title of; Most Innovative Entertainment Media Business.

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The very best companies in the world come to us for staff development. Our customers range from startups & small businesses to major studios & Fortune 500 multi-nationals.

We can help your company employees with bespoke group training and 1-1 courses for individuals.

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