Indonesian actress Luna Maya

By | December 22, 2010

Luna Maya Sugeng, born in Bali, in the city Denpasar on August 26, 1983. She is an Indonesian soap actress and also a big screen movie star. Luna Maya started as a model. She made her first steps into the movie world in 2004 in the film ‘30 hari Mencari Cinta‘. In this movie, she can be seen as the beautiful and sexy Barbara, the dream of every man. After her first role, she starrred in Brownies, which was filmed in 2005. Both movies were supporting roles. Her main role came when she took on the role in Bangsal 13, also in 2005..

Luna’s star began to rise, and after she starred in the movie ‘Cinta Silver’s love’ she drew even more attention by becoming romantically involved with Ariel, vocalist of the group Peterpan.

For her roles, she received several nominations during the Indonesian Film Festival. Despite the many roles offered, she continued to appear on the small screen in Indonesian soap operas. And, if that wasn’t even enough, she even found time to appear in major national advertising campaigns like ‘Lux’, ‘XL’ and ‘Toshiba’.

In 2008, she became one of the torchbearers for the 2008 Summer Olympics, together with colleague Sandra Dewi. Luna realized also that her fame would not last forever, so she took up a course of business. Quickly after that, she opened her first boutique, ‘LM Hardware’ in the cities Jakarta and Bandung. Luna has recently opened a lounge bar as well, in Bandung named ‘Envy’.

Luna then got selected for a television program called ‘Dahsyat’.  She became a presenter, together with Olga Syaputra and Raffi Ahmad as her colleagues. Through this program, which is about ‘Dangdut’ music, a very popular genre in Indonesia, she got a chance to interview Hillary Clinton, the USA foreign minister, who was visiting Jakarta.

Everything seemed to go very well, with Luna Maya being one of the best paid artists in Indonesia and beating Ashton Kutcher in the amount of Twitter followers! Yes, Luna Maya had over a hundred thousand followers just shortly after she joined Twitter.

However, in 2010 Luna Maya got into big trouble. She was accused of appearing in a viral sex video with her boyfriend Ariel, the vocalist of Peterpan. Videos started to appear on the Internet and Luna was slowly creeping to the background.

Despite this unfortunate situation, Luna keeps moving forward and is releasing a new single as well as a shooting for FTV and an indie movie.

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