Dutch actress Tatjana Simic

By | January 6, 2011

Tatjana Simic

Tatjana Simic, better known as simply Tatjana, was born on the 9th of June in Zagreb, Kroatia. She is a Dutch model, singer and actress.

Tatjana Simic grew up in Zagreb where she went to high school and moved to the Netherlands in 1979, to Rotterdam. To help out her family because of their modest income, she started out as a tour guide in the Dutch city. However, she got bored  and broadened her horizon by entering a modelling contest for a Dutch magaine. She won and received a trip of 8 days to Spain.

After this, Tatjana never looked back again, to Kroatia. She received many opportunities for famous magazines in the Netherlands as well from foreign magazines. She gained more popularity because of her sensual photoshoots in Playboy magazine. She can be seen no less than 12 times in the Dutch version and 4 times in the German Playboy. Also, her own calendars contributed to the succes which she made from 1994 until 2003. At the age of 45, she still holds all her sexy looks and appeared in FHM magazine.


She also appeared on commercial TV. One of the TV commercials drew the attention of top producer Dick Maas who was in the making for a new movie: ‘Flodder’. He was looking for a young and beautiful actress who could play the naughty daughter of the family Flodder. That role turned out to be perfect for Tatjana.

Flodder (1986) is one of Netherland’s most succesful movies ever and she was asked to play the role of the voluptuous Kees in this movie. The movie was watched by more than 2,5 million people. Considering that the Netherlands is a small country, that is quite a lot! Flodder became also a box office hit in Germany, which introduced Tatjana to the foreign public and millions of Europeans. The sequel of Flodder, Flodder 2 became also a succes and broke all records.

After the sequel came Flodder 3 and the TV serie Flodder. Tatjana ended her role as ‘Kees’ after her colleague Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh, who played her brother in the movie as ‘Johnnie Flodder’ passed away on 15 Novermber 1997.


Tatjana always had an interest for singing and dancing. After taking many years of singing classes, she released an album in 1987, with her first single ‘Baby love’. The following single, ‘Chica Cubana’ became a top 10 hit throughout Europe. In 1989 she scored a hit with ‘Awaka boy’. In 1992 she recorded a duet together with Gerard Joling, the classic ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’, produced by Fabian Lenssen. She did a few live performances in Miami in 1993 and recorded the sizzling video ‘Feel Good’.

Beer and calendars

In 1994 she posed for the first time for the ‘Tatjana Calendar’, the first of many to come. The succes of her calendar made beer producer Bavaria decide to hold a big campaign: with the purchase of 36 bottles of Bavaria-beer you would get a free ‘Tatjana Calendar’. Bavaria gave away more than 1 million calenders in the Netherlands, equalling more than 36 million bottles of beer. In 1995 Tatjana scored another hit with the single ‘Santa Maria,’ produced by Mike Stock and Matt Aiken. The single became a hit in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Japan.

Tatjana continued her singing career and her latest single is from 2007, ‘Ik laat je gaan’ (I let you go), which is a cover of the number ‘Bago onom ko te ima’ from the Croatian singer ‘Tony Cetinski’.

Busy busy

In 2006 Tatjana released a book, ‘Tatjana’s student recipes’, which contains recipes from her country of birth, Croatia. The book is filled with anecdotes, stories and of course pictures. She also appeared in many TV shows brightening up the little screen with her sparkling performance. She can be seen in ‘Dancing with the stars (2005), a New Year’s Eve special where she ended First Place. In 2008 she appeared in all 4 shows of ‘Ranking with the Stars’.

Private life

In 2007 she had a short affair with businessman and millionaire Marcel Boekhoorn. In 2008 she had a relationship with millionaire Ronny Rosenbaum, and entrepeneur in the textile and real estate industry. The coupled got engaged but the relationship ended in 2010.


– In 1997 a biography appeared from Tatjana, written by John Frijters. The book contains 184 pages, 64 pages are pictures.

– In 2002 the dvd ‘Tatjana- My own story’ came out with recordings from Croatia, various singles and fragments of Flodder.

– In 2011 Tatjana will be participating in a TV show. Goal of the show is to find Tatjana a suitable husband. Yours truly already signed up..

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