English Actress Carey Mulligan

By | February 4, 2011

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English Actress Carey Mulligan

Early Life and Acting Beginnings

The English actress Carey Hannah Mulligan of ‘An Education’ (2009) fame was born, May 28th 1985, in Westminster, London. She is of Welsh and Irish decent. At 3 years old, Carey and family moved to Germany, where her father, Stephen Mulligan, managed the European branch of luxury hotels. In Germany Carey and her brother, Owen Mulligan, attended the International School of Dusseldorf, where her passion for acting was ignited. At the age of 6, Carey started to participate in school plays. Mainly portraying male characters, that appealed to her tomboy nature. Carey spent her teenage years, in the independent boarding school, Woldingham School, England, where she further indulged her passion for acting. She became the student head of the drama department and participated in several school productions. Carey pursued an acting career with a persistent determination. Despite receiving rejections from 3 drama schools, she secretly applied for and her parent’s disapproval of an acting career and expectation that she attend Reading University.


In 2005, 18 year old, Carey landed her first professional role, in the book adaptation; ‘Pride and Prejudice’, with the help of Julian Fellowes. Carry continued to play supporting roles in TV films; ‘My Boy Jack’, ‘When Did You Last See Your Father?’ and ‘Northanger Abbey’. She also landed reoccurring roles in TV period dramas, most notably the BAFTA winning, ‘Bleak House’. Carey also dabbled in theatre, appearing in the Broadway revival of ‘The Seagull’ (2009). Her performance as Nina was critically acclaimed.

In 2009, at 22 years old, Carey got her chance to shine in the coming of age black comedy, ‘An Education’. The title reflects a double meaning. Set in 1960s England, Carey played Jenny, an academic student, with aspirations to attain a scholarship to Oxford University, to escape her conventional parents and monotonous surroundings. She gets a different kind of education, as she embarks on a romance, with a suave businessman twice her senior. ‘An Education’ debuted in the Sundance Film Festival, to rave reviews; Carey’s star status was immediately elevated. The media hailed her as, the ‘next Audrey Hepburn’. 2009 was the beginning of Carey’s initiation into Hollywood, as one of its promising up and comers. Carey was cast in films with Hollywood heavy weights, such as Johnny Depp in ‘Public Enemies’. Carey joined the constellation of stars, Jake Gyllenhal, Natalie Portman and Toby Maguire in the film ‘Brothers’. Also collaborating with Keira Knightley in the film, ‘Never let me go’. The highly anticipated, ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’, the sequel to the 1987, ‘Wall street’, in which Carey played Winnie, the daughter of a relentless executive father, Gordon Gekko  (Michael Douglas), who conspires with her aspiring financial trader fiancé, (Shia LeBeouf). Set in New York, the film is based on the 2008 financial crisis. Carrey is currently working on 2 films, an indie film ‘Drive’ with Ryan Gosling and ‘Shame’ with Michael Fassbender.

Personal Life

In August 2009, Carey started dating her ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ co-star, Shia LeBeouf, after the director Oliver Stone introduced them on set. They shared a flat in Los Angles. For unknown reasons their relationship ended in October 2010. Carey has since moved back to England.

Awards Carey was nominated and won several prestigious awards for her role in ‘An Education’. Including, Independent Spirit, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2009, Carey won a BAFTA for best actress in a leading role.

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Carey Mulligan holding her BAFTA