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By | February 22, 2011

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Canadian actress Neve Campbell began acting when she was 15 years old. Neve became a household name after getting cast in the hit TV series Party of Five. Since then, she has appeared in several major movies. Here are 5 of her more notable movies:


The Craft

The Craft (1996)

The Craft, directed by Andrew Fleming, was Neve’s first major movie. She plays Bonnie, 1 of 4 high school misfit girls, The 4 begin practicing witchcraft and start casting spells to correct everything that is wrong in their lives. However every action has a consequence and things start to go wrong for the girls. The movie also stars Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, and Rachel True.



Scream (1996)

Neve stars as Sidney Prescott in this hugely successful horror film directed by Wes Craven. On the 1 year anniversary of Sidney’s mother’s death, 2 high school students are murdered. Sidney then becomes the new target of the masked killer. Local news reporter, Gail Weathers (played by Courtney Cox) and Deputy Dwight (David Arquette) begin investigating whether the new deaths are related to the death of Sidney’s mom. However, Gail and Dwight must hurry as time is running out for Sidney. This movie has spawned 2 sequels (1997 and 2000) and a highly anticipated 3rd sequel is being released mid-2011.



54 (1998)

This drama film, directed by Mark Christopher, is set in the infamous Studio 54 in New York City. It follows Shane O’Shea (played by Ryan Philippe) who is a new bartender at the club. He befriends Anita (played by Salma Hayek) and her husband Greg (played by Breckin Meyer). Shane slowly gets sucked into the hard-partying life and becomes entangled with Julie Black (played by Neve). The movie also features Mike Myers as Steve Rubell, the co-founder of Studio 54.


Wild Things

Wild Things (1998)

Neve plays trailer trash Suzie Toller in this erotic thriller film directed by John McNaughton. Sam Lombardo (played by Matt Dillon) is a high school counselor accused of rape by wealthy Kelly Van Ryan (played by Denise Richards). Later, Suzie also accuses Sam of raping her and he goes to trial. At court, it is revealed that Kelly and Suzie made everything up and Sam settles for $8.5 million dollars from the Van Ryans. It turns out that the 3 of them were working together the entire time and planned to split the money. After a suspicious police detective keeps investigating, Kelly and Sam are killed. It is then revealed that Suzie had planned everything and escaped with all the money. This movie proved to be controversial as it had strong sexual overtures including a lesbian kiss between Neve and Denise.



Panic (2000)

William H. Macy plays Alex, a hit man that begins therapy sessions. Alex eventually falls for Sarah (played by Neve), a young woman he met in the waiting room of his therapy doctor (played by John Ritter). However, Sarah continuously rejects his advances. In flashbacks throughout the movie, Alex’s beginning as a hit man is revealed. Meanwhile, Alex has received his next target; he must kill his therapy doctor. He now has to decide whether or not to continue as a hit man and whether or not to continue pursuing Sarah.

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