Driving Ban Penalty Points Chris Huhne Prison Sentence

By | March 12, 2013

Driving Ban Penalty Points Chris Huhne Prison Sentence

What is the UK coming to in relation to speeding fines, penalty points and driving bans.
Poor Chris Huhne I say, what a waste of somebodies time in going to prison, much better to send Mr Huhne to a more positive and creative environment helping others who can benefit from Chris huhne life experience.

No matter what the crime or I really should say for being a naughty boy, the sentence is a reflection on what people need to do to stay in their job and support their families. The Uk legal system is becoming a narrow minded bulldozer, without great thought for the future and the individuals who support the economic system.

Surely the answer is to change the law and to make people less afraid of speeding. Its a danger within itself to keep looking at the speedometer and to keep speed levels correct at every corner we turn. Why does the government insist on controlling our lives when we need to be somewhere on time. The Uk roads are maintained enough to drive fast and safely, don’t forget we have 3 lanes, Slow, Medium and fast.

Cars are made to go fast, so why not utilise the car in the way its suppose to be driven, else what’s the point in making cars that are built to speed at over 120 MPH. Produce cars that stay at 70 MPH and then we are not tempted to put our foot down. Penalty points is a good deterrent, however this needs to increase to 21 points as to give each person a fair chance. Points should only be awarded for speeding offences and nothing else which the traffic warden deems irresponsible.

Individuals should have the opportunity to pay themselves out of trouble and not pass on points to their spouses and friends. Governments make more money and people will feel the pinch, as the saying goes ‘money talks’. The cost is based on the person’s income and will be a fair state of play to accommodate all. Wake up whoever is in charge and change the law today and stop making good citizens suffer.

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