Dutch actress Froukje de Both

Froukje de Both is a Dutch actress, television and radio host as well as a discjockey. She was born in Amsterdam on 20 April, 1972.

Froukje finished a degree in theatre at ‘De Trap’ in Amsterdam. She then got a chance to play in ‘Goudkust‘, a Dutch soap opera. Froukje played the role of Mari√ętte in the TV series ‘Goudkust‘. She played in ‘Goudkust’ for three seasons.

Multi talented

In 2001 she also played in ‘Costa!’ (2010, by Johan Nijenhuis), where she took on the role of Frida. She also starred in the winter version of ‘Costa!’, ‘Pista!’ (2003, Mark Willard) In May 2002 she started to present a radio show together with Niels Hoogland, ‘Niels & Froukje’ on one of Holland’s most popular radio stations, ‘Radio538‘. Due to the great succes of this duo, Froukje her contract was extended for another three years in March 2005. She was the first female DJ that mustered a long term contract with a commercial radio station.

Early mornings

During the same month, she started a new radio show as well; ‘D’r uit met Froukje en Jens’. This program, which she did together with Jens Timmermans, aired on Sunday morning between 8 and 12. The early morning shows were difficult for Froukje and she decided to stop with the show. Starting from 2006, January, Jens does the show alone.

In the summer of 2007 until October 2007, Froukje was presenting ‘Thuis’ , a talk show for TV station ‘Talpa’. She works together with the likes of Gordon, Angela Groothuizen, Winston Gerschatnowitz and Victoria Koblenko. The show is eventually canceled because of the low rating. In 2006 Froukje took part in the TV show ‘Dancing on Ice‘ on the station RTL4, where she slides over frozen water with her partner Vitali Baranov. She makes it to the finals but eventually went home with a second place spot.

Looking for a husband

In the spring of 2007, the program ‘Wie word de man van Froukje?’ which means ‘Who will become Froukje’s husband?’. In this TV show,¬† Froukje is on a search for the man of her dreams. Eventually, after finding the most suitable candidate, Alexander, she does not end up in a relationship with him. In October 2007, Froukje wins the prize ‘Lelijk Ding’ (Ugly Thing) twice, one for being the worst presenter and once for the worst radio show.

Young and Fast

Last year, 2010, started well for Froukje. She presented the TV show ’10 jaar jonger in 10 dagen’ (ten years younger within ten days). Here she helps couples who are ‘lost’. Three professional coaches will help them feel better, inside and out, in a period of ten days.

Currently Froukje is working as a presenter of RTL GP, a program that does reports about Formula 1 racing. In the autumn of 2008 she started to present ‘TV Makelaar’, together with Sybrand Niessen.

Three quick facts:

  • In December 20 01 and June 2002 she appeared in Playboy magazine.
  • She was chosen ‘TV Babe of the Year’ in 1999.
  • Froukje lives together with her boyfriend, the 8 year younger Jeroen te Rehorst, also known as DJ Dekky. Together they have one daughter.
  • Froukje has been nominated several times for a Silver Radio star.

For more information about Froukje, visit Froukje’s official website here

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