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Australian Actor Chris Hemsworth

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE Chris Hemsworth, with his 6’3” stature and clear blue eyes, is a young Australian actor about to carry the weight of one of Marvel’s biggest movies, Thor. Born on the 11th of August in 1983 and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he is the middle of two other… Read More »

Australian Actor Hugo Weaving

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE Hugo Wallace Weaving’s life had a very nomadic start. He was born on the 4th of April, 1960, in Ibadan, Nigeria. A year later his family, of English origins, moved back to England before heading to Melbourne, Australia, than Johannesburg, South Africa before heading back to England. He… Read More »

Australian Actress Mia Wasikowska

London Academy of Media Film TV     EARLY LIFE Mia Wasikowska (pronounced van-shee-kof-ska) is a diminutive rising actress in Hollywood. Standing only 5’4”, her presence on screen has been praised by both directors and actors for its real-world quality. Born on the 14th October, 1989, and raised in Canberra, Australia, she comes from an… Read More »

Australian Actress Isabel Lucas

London Academy of Media Film & TV EARLY LIFE Isabel Lucas is an Australian actress who, with her bohemian style, has used her building media profile to raise awareness of a number of global issues. Born on the 29th of January, 1985, to parents Beatrice and Andrew Lucas, she was raised until ten years old… Read More »

Australian Actor Richard Roxburgh

London Academy of Media Film TV Richard Roxburgh is an award winning actor. His career is one that has often seen him typecast as the villain, a role he plays well, but does not denote the capabilities of his skill. EARLY LIFE Mary Roxburgh gave birth to Richard on the 23rd January, 1962; the youngest… Read More »

Australian Actor David Wenham

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE David Wenham is the youngest of seven children of parents Kath and Bill Wenham. He came into this world on 21st September, 1965 and grew up in the western suburb of Sydney, Marickville. Born into a Catholic family he gained an education at the Christian Brothers High… Read More »

Australian Actress Jacki Weaver

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE Jacqueline Ruth Weaver, most commonly known as Jacki Weaver, was born on 25th May, 1947, in Hurstville, Sydney, Australia. Her mother, Edith, was a Northern England immigrant who married Arthur Weaver, a solicitor. From a young age their daughter showed a desire and almost a need to… Read More »

Australian Actress Toni Collette

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE Antonia Collette, commonly known as Toni, was born on the 1st of November, 1972. This unique looking actress with her wide smile and diverse acting abilities has gathered a huge following in Hollywood. She grew up in Glebe, Sydney, till she was six before she moved to what was… Read More »

Australian Actor Jack Thompson

London Academy of Media Film TV EARLY LIFE Jack Thompson was born as John Hadley Payne on 31st August, 1940 to a father who was a merchant seaman and a mother who died when he was 4. Due to World War II his father left him and his brother David in the care of their… Read More »